EUCENA Compact Course

In the first edition of Citizen Energy, you will learn how to produce your own renewable energy, and how to activate your community's human power to harvest the sun and wind locally. This course introduces the tools for social self-organization and the technology that converts solar and wind energy into electricity, and the ways how to store and use it for mobility. The emphasis is on understanding the importance of a just and accessible energy system. You will gain a greater understanding of citizen energy, the principles of innovative business models— energy cooperatives and other community energy models. This course explores the advantages, limitations, and challenges of different political frameworks. We will discuss the examples of German community energy and other European countries as well and give inspiration and networking and learning opportunities for people all around the World. Citizen Energy has a 30-year-old tradition in Germany, and more than 1000 energy cooperatives are operating. But there is more, NGOs and other organizations and social enterprises in diverse legal forms are contributing to the switch to a 100% renewable energy system and to stop energy imports. Citizens produce about 1/4 of the total electricity of this highly industrialized country, despite the lack of political support. Today the production of energy from solar and wind is cheaper than ever in human history and prices are still falling. Now is the time for all of us to act. Start today and we will reach 100% renewables by 2030.
Course Information
  • Type: Self-paced
  • Start Date: Dec 20, 2021
  • End Date: Dec 31, 2099
  • Duration: 4072 Weeks